Fragrance Guide

Below, find a guide to our fragrances and the integral scents blended together to create the perfect fragrance for you.

Women's Fragrances

Blush Bouquet - Bouquet of blooming peonies, and soft florals. Hints of cedarwood, patchouli and powdery suede. This fragrance is floral, sweet and feminine.

City of Dreams - Essence of berry and citrus, soft florals and honey. Hints of fig Parisian tabac and cedarwood. This fragrance is sensual, aromatic, floral and feminine.

Felicity - Perfect blend of tropical gardenia, white exotic flowers. Hints of water and candy. This fragrance is floral, tropical and feminine.

Fresh Coco - Notes of ylang ylang, neroli, rose and jasmine. Base of sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla. This fragrance is sensual, velvety and strong.

Gotham City -  Blend of patchouli and honey. Hints of candied fruit and lemon peel. This fragrance is musky, earthy and intoxicating.

Honey Hive - Mixture of honey, almond extract, sweet butter and fruit. Hints of ozone, chocolate, coconut and vanilla. This fragrance is rich, nutty, sweet and fruity.

Island ParadiseEscape to an island adventure with this sweet blend of juicy grapefruit, tropical pineapple and creamy coconut in a smooth, subtle vanilla base.

Jasmine Sand - Bold jasmine flower with a hint of mint. This fragrance lush, floral, clean and exotic.

Simply Natural - Fragrance Free

Sweet Fig - Compilation of ripe fig, creamy coconut milk, caramelized brown sugar. Hints of velvet musk. This fragrance is soft, sweet and enticing. 

Sweet LotusDewy citron, floral bamboo and sweetness. Hints of gardenia pikake, plumeria, patchouli, star anise and sandalwood. This fragrance is sensual, mysterious and sweet.


Men's Fragrances

Concrete Jungle Essence of warm sandalwood oil. This fragrance is rugged, exotic, woodsy and seductive.

Gotham CityBlend of patchouli and honey. Hints of candied fruit and lemon peel. This fragrance is musky, earthy and intoxicating. 

Orange Grove Notes of orange and warm cedarwood. This fragrance is citrusy, grown, woodsy and warm.

In the Woods - Woody blend of sandalwood and amber. Hint of fresh grass and warm and spice undertones. This fragrance is enchanting, evocative and exuberant. 

Simply Natural - Fragrance Free